Saturday, November 12, 2005

How Anyone Could Have Figured Out that the Bushies Were Making It Up

It was clear before we invaded Iraq that Saddam Hussein and his henchmen did not have weapons of mass destruction anymore.

During his presentation at the United Nations Security Council Colin Powell pin pointed specific bunkers and vehicles where Saddam Hussein was supposed to have hidden weapons of mass destruction illegally. Yet when the UNSCOM inspectors re-entered Iraq, they reported that they had access anywhere in Iraq and still couldn't find the weapons. Powell and UNSCOM could not both be right.

If United States intelligence knew the precise locations of weapons of mass destruction then UNSCOM would have found them. That's just common sense.

Instead of repenting, acknowledging his mistakes, and abandoning wishful thinking, Mr. Bush attacks his critics personally. That might help his public standing but it won't help the United States to conduct the war effectively.


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