Saturday, April 01, 2006

Do What Is Right, Let the Consequences Follow

They pulled it off. Here is the Daily Herald's report.


Blogger annegb said...

I wish they would come here. I wrote a letter to the editor of SUU and it got censored all over the place. They took out the word sodomized (no I wasn't cussing or being pornographic), but my husband was on their side on that one.

They also took out the word "bra" and a reference to Japanese students.
Geez, students can't say anything.

Anonymous Equality said...

Kinda sad they could only get 60 students on a campus of 25000 to protest this. Spineless BYU students. But I give big props to those who protested; this was an outrage and it's not easy to stand up and be counted behind the Zion Curtain.

Blogger Hellmut said...

We don't have an activist culture at BYU yet. Over time, folks might get more involved.


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