Friday, March 17, 2006

The Conservative Logic of Gay Marriage

1. People who have sex ought to be married.
2. Gays and lesbians will have sex.
3. Therefore gays and lesbians ought to get married.


Anonymous Watt Mahoun said...

I think you're suggesting that this is what the COnservative logic ought to be...or perhaps that this is an example of conservative logic.

But I'll just state the obvious fact:

1. People must be married before having sex or be guilty of fornication
2. Gays or lesbians must not have sex with each other
3. Therefore, gays and lesbians must not get married

And an additional obvious: Conservatives have lost control of civil marriage law and are therefore forced to come out of the bigot closet and make their anti-gay case at face value. It's going to be ugly.

Anonymous Nate Oman said...

Matt, do you really think that there is any rhetorical or analytic milage to be had from calling conservatives bigots on this issue? Or do you really believe that there is no space between bigotry and advocacy of same sex marriage?

Anonymous Watt Mahoun said...

Nate, I hadn't noticed your follow-up until now and you may never read this, but for the record: yes, I really believe that now that the legal marriage card is lost, social conservatives (the ones that hate homosexuality) are forced to play the only card they have left...the bigot card.

It's not so much that I'm calling anyone a bigot as that the only non-faith-based reason (read: the only reality-based reason) to condemn homosexuality is its "otherness".


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