Sunday, April 02, 2006

President Hinckley Digs Darron

During the priesthood session, President Hinckley endorsed Darron Smith's view that we have a long way to go with respect to racism. I will be looking forward to the conference report to see the exact wording.

Gordon Hinckley and Darron Smith are right. It is a tragedy that our children continue to hear that God is a racist and that racism is a virtue. It’s even worse for our brothers and sisters who have African ancestors.

Darron Smith's example is inspiring. He said what needed to be said regardless of the personal consequences. As a good shepherd, Gordon B. Hinckley responded to the concerns and challenged us to become better brothers and sisters.

It is difficult for the President of the Church to denounce the misguided teachings of his predecessors explicitly. It’s up to us as members to exercise our talents and to engage racist thought such as the fence sitter doctrine wherever it rears its head.

President Hinckley gets it. He points us in the right direction. Now it’s our turn to make the most of it.


Anonymous Equality said...

It's a good start, but I would like to see him follow it up with the reinstatement (or offer to reinstate) of Darron Smith. I know Smith says he wouldn't go back, but it would be nice to see some actions following the words.

Blogger annegb said...

I missed Darron Smith's program. One of the problems I have cognitively is short term memory and I even wrote it down. I miss so many things that way.

How was it?

I think the prophet was watching the blog. I do.

Anonymous harlemsnowflake said...


I have read your postings at a number of mormon blogs and enjoy your point of view. Thanks for offering another voice in what can feel like a sea of sameness at times. I am new to the mormon blogs, and I'm happy I found your voice early on in my discovery.


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