Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Friday

Good Friday, the most important day of the year for Lutherans, barely registers for Mormons. I am compensating by listening to Johann Sebastian Bach's St. Matthew's Passion.

It is good to remember that God partook of mortality and suffered with us.


Blogger annegb said...

What do Lutherans do on Easter? Do they do more on Easter than Christmas?

Anonymous harlemsnowflake said...

I always wondered why Mormons didn't celebrate more of the holidays all the Lutherans that surrounded me growing up (in MN) did. I felt like we were SO mom just sort of said "We don't do that" almost implying that it was excessive, or too much of the ritualism that we eschewed early on... but I always thought it was neat to have different special days to celebrate God and spirituality. In fact, I always wondered why we don't even have a Christmas "mass" like the other faiths do. So I used to attend Cath mass on Christmas Eve with my half-brothers and sisters...

Blogger Hellmut said...

Most Christian denominations celebrate the year according to the Holy Calendar, Anne. Different theologies emphasize different events in the Holy Year. Lutherans consider Good Friday as especially important because that is the day when God redeemed us from our sins. They rejoice on Easter Sunday but consider Good Friday more meaningful.

Blogger annegb said...

This is funny, because I've never thought about what happened on these days, good friday and Palm Sunday. Was He crucified on Saturday?, No, there were three days. The redemption didn't happen when He was crucified, though, so it had to have happened on a Thursday.

Plus, the days rotate, so we are never literally celebrating these days on the true anniversary.

I was thinking Sunday how boring our meetings are. And they are getting more so, because of the rule to keep them on topic, the speakers aren't supposed to vary from the assigned topic. The homecomings and farewells are so boring.

It's as if we must expunge emotion from our meetings.

But a few years back our former stake president, who'd been a mission president in the Philippines, came home and it was like stake conference, because all these missionaries who'd served under him came, and then they all went up front and sang "Thrust in Your Sickle", with movements to go with it. Somebody in Salt Lake must have thrown over that meeting--it was like a born again revival meeting.


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