Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sex, Power, and Language

The Washington Post reports about James Moran, a priest who was sexually abused when he was a young intern.

I find it striking how difficult James Moran found it to speak about his experience. When he hinted at problems nobody followed up. Thus conversations that could have protected others and might have been therapeutic could not happen.

It's difficult to be sensitive about a taboo. It's almost impossible to be sensible about a taboo. That's why it is important to be open about sex.

Language empowers us to understand our environment better and to cooperate with others. We can protect our children better from poor choices and victimization if we are talking about penises, vaginas and intercourse. When children know what's up, they will be in a better position to say 'No!' And parents and leaders will follow up more effectively, when our wards are dropping obtuse hints about abuse.


Blogger annegb said...

My question as I read this was that the other guy must have been stronger or something?

Because at 25, he could just have waited till the priest went to sleep and taken a 2x4 to him.

I guess I'm saying an older guy rapes a strong young guy? I'm not questioning his story, I'm just wondering why he didn't put up a hell of a fight. Wouldn't you?

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